P.T.F.E ( Polytetrafluoroethylene) Resin Almighty Gasket...Top Seal which is made of 100% pure P.T.F.E has particular characteristics in quality such as soft touch, good sealing effect and high persistence against exterior pressure. Also, as Top Seal has improved the defects of rubber, asbestos and other kinds of gaskets which has been used so far, and it has brought rapid workmanship, tight sealing, and anti-chemicals which are continuously needed in whole field of industry.

Rapid & Handy Top Seal has improved the detects of cushion gasket & punching gasket and Top Seal can give you free hand in applying it to small & large diameter.

Safe & Clean Top Seal can be used permanently by its own properties of anti-chemicals, good sealing effect and pressure/ thrust/ vibration resistency

Cost Saving Simple application, permanent sealing effect can give you good workmanship and cost saving by keeping only minimum number of tapes in your hand.