P.T.F.E ( Teflon ) thread Tape

"ROYAL" therad tape is a soft, pliable ribbon of pure, unsintered TFE. It is the modern way to seal, lubricate and prevent galling or sticking on all types of threads on pipes, tubing, valves, conduit, plugs, studs, bolts, bungs, or bottles.

It will seal all threaded materials such as plastics, metals, or glass.... will contain acids, solvents, caustics, foods, pharmaceuticals, liquid oxygen or fuels... will maintain pressure of vacuum.... at temperatures from - 450 oF to + 550 oF.

In use, the tape is wrapped snugly over the threads in the direction of thread advance, and the parts are assembled. Only seconds are taken to make a perfect seal. It can be disassembled and reassembled with ease... even year later.

"ROYAL" thread tape is made of pure "TEFLON" which has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration for the purpose of food production. It is listed under the re-examination service of the UL Inc. Tape rolls are provided in handy, dirtproof, metal spool- and - sleeve packages.

Thread Tape meets or exceeds all the physical property requirements applicable military and commercial specifications.

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