A. Typical Applications

Use "ROYAL" Thread Tape on : All threaded connections

- pipe joints, caps, plugs, fittings for valve, bolts and nuts, studs, packing boxes, streams valve and swivel joints, flared tubing joints, high pressure gas cylinders, bottle tops, fire extinguishers.

Use "ROYAL" Thread Tape in piping systems for :

- Steam, oils, water, chemical, gases, air, distillation, foods, biological, pneumatic, hydraulic fuels and oxygen. In : rockets, missiles, aircraft, ships, trucks, automobiles, earth moving equipment, farm equipment, fire equipment, compressors, chemical processing, public utilities and laboratories.

Use "ROYAL" Thread Tape with :

Paint, varnish, steam-gasoline, salt water, kerosene, solvents, cleaning fluids, gases, alcohols, acids, bases, liquid foods, drugs, nutrients, fuels, refrigerants, oxidizing agents
Use with such pipe materials as : plastics, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, ceramic, hard rubber, monel, copper, brass, galvanized iron, saran and PVC.

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